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TOP 30
The All-time Greatest Golfers : Top 200 - stats on Top Players below:
 29 Apr 2024

1. Column titled: "Maj, tpc, wgc, NB <1940"-  includes wins in all Majors, The Players Championship, World Golf Championships and the biggest events in year 1940 & earlier (US & British Amateur & Western Open)

2. Majors & WGC wins are included in both US & European win totals

3. DNP "did not play" or "Player older than 50yrs" - e.g: J. Nicklaus dnp WGC events, which started in 1999

4. DNPM - did not play many of these events (typically less than 5 - 10)

5. HOF - Hall of Fame

6. Majors - points awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishes on sliding scale

7. Tournaments ranked in importance as Majors, then Category A, WGC, B, C, D, E and F

8. Majors rank highest, then Category A events (Players Champ. & Western Open prior to 1940)

9. WGC tournaments rank next, then category B and so on down to category F

10. Points allocated to wins according to this categorisation

11. Points awarded - runner up placings in US & European / DPW tour events

12. Scaling factor - wins in different decades - recent decade higher than previous

13. Major results as percentage of majors played 

14. This Career Ranking system is applied to all the greatest male golfers to have played the game
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