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TOP 30
The All-time Greatest Golfers : Top 200 - stats on Top Players below:
 21 May 2023

1. Column titled: "Maj, tpc, wgc, NB <1940"-  includes wins in all Majors, The Players Championship, World Golf Championships and the biggest events in year 1940 & earlier (US & British Amateur & Western Open)

2. Majors & WGC wins are included in both US & European win totals

3. DNP "did not play" or "Player older than 50yrs" - e.g: J. Nicklaus dnp WGC events, which started in 1999

4. DNPM - did not play many of these events (typically less than 5 - 10)

5. HOF - Hall of Fame

6. Majors - points awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishes on sliding scale

7. Tournaments ranked in importance as Majors, then Category A, WGC, B, C, D, E and F

8. Majors rank highest, then Category A events (Players Champ. & Western Open prior to 1940)

9. WGC tournaments rank next, then category B and so on down to category F

10. Points allocated to wins according to this categorisation

11. Points also awarded - runner up placings in US & European tour events

12. Scaling factor - wins in different decades - recent decade higher than previous

13. Also factored - major results as percentage of majors played 

14. This Career Ranking system is applied to all the greatest male golfers to have played the game
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