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WHAT IS "TAGG 200" ?
 "TAGG 200" :
 Career Ranking List - Top 200 of The All-time Greatest Golfers
"Who are the greatest players of all time?" 
Top players of each era consistently present themselves, but comparisons across generations and different tours make ranking more interesting and challenging.  
This comparison, considered impossible by many, has been the motivation for:
TAGG 200's  CAREER RANKING LIST of the Greatest Male Golfers of all time 
 * The great modern players against past greats
 * The early great amateurs versus professionals
 * Players from different continents and golf tours
 * Depth of modern day players vs earlier years
 * Early majors - US and British Amateur winners
 * Fifth major (Players Champ.) & Western Open
 * WGC Tour events
 * Relative importance of different tournaments
 * High success over short vs long careers
 * Careers pre-existing the MASTERS & US PGA



 * Major Results - given highest weighted ranking

 * Points awarded to top 3 places in golf's Majors

 * A formula based calculation method used

 * Early amateurs vs pro's - Ranks greatest of both

 * World Golf Tours - players on all tours recognised

 * Past & present - points adjustment for various eras

 * Tournaments are rated in relation to each other

 * Extensive - detailed analysis of over 1000 of the Greatest Golfers 

 * Runner up - receive points on the Euro & US tours 

 * Dynamic - updated weekly with tournament results 


MAJORS - As should be the case in any ranking of the game's greatest players, results in the four majors are most important.

The TAGG 200 CAREER Ranking List however, looks beyond the winners only, allocating points in proportion for winner, runner-up and third place finishes.


OBJECTIVE - Aiming to create an  "objective" ranking list has great challenges. A complex series of weightings and formulae have been applied to lifetime results of previously "incomparable" players and the different tournaments they've played.

Each tournament is allocated points depending on field strength and this is then applied in awarding points to winners & runners-up placings.

Results on the Senior tours are excluded (the Senior tours are relatively recent & did not exist for many players careers). 

The TAGG 200 CAREER RANKING Calculation Based Model, applies a set of formulae to all players thereby giving consistency to this comparative analysis.


AMATEURS vs PROFESSIONALS - In the late 1800's and early 1900's, amateur golfers were amongst the best players in the game. As a result the British Amateur and US Amateur were considered "Majors" and in the TAGG 200 CAREER Ranking, points are awarded accordingly.


TOP 200 GREATEST PLAYERS - The "TAGG 200 CAREER Ranking List" compares and analyses careers of over 1000 of the Greatest Golfers to have played the game.

To be ranked in the TOP 200 is an honour and recognition of rare talent.


UNIQUE - The first to rank the greatest players of all eras, playing on different tours - into a single statistics based Career Ranking List.


DYNAMIC - TAGG 200 CAREER Ranking is a "live" ranking list - reviewed and updated after each week's tournaments.


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